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Hosting makes it possible for the children from orphanages to have the opportunity to participate in programs that allow them, for even a short time, to simply be a child.

There are many ways to support hosting:


  • Latvia Host Program:  Both single children and sibling groups are available to host through the Latvia Host Program.  The child/ren stay with their host family for a 4-5 week visit during the session.  Learn more about the Latvia Host Program at: http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/portfolio/latvia-host-program/

The greatest need for the children who participate in the hosting programs is to find families who see their worth and for these families to open their hearts and home to these deserving children.

Hosting provides children an opportunity to have one-on-one interaction, attention, dedication and affection focused upon them, something these children may never have experienced in their young lives.


Definition: ad•vo•cate: a person who pleads for or in behalf of another

Awareness is key to the success of the hosting programs.  Most are not aware that these opportunities, to be part of something so important, even exist.

As an advocate you are an instrumental part of the “hosting village” and directly impact the hopes and dreams these children have to be hosted and find a family, simply by spreading the word about the children, hosting and adoption.

It is so easy to be an advocate, but immeasurable in how important:

  • You see the hope in helping the children who might get left behind because they are older, because of gender, or have special needs
  • You enjoy helping and sharing about others, particularly children, in need – especially via social media and online where the reach is wide
  • Are open to and willing to be a voice on behalf of these children and to speak with friends, family, and neighbors, civic groups, places of worship, etc. to reach as many people as possible about the children and hosting

What these children need most is to have a voice and visibility, no longer to be unknown and invisible.  Be the ONE to be their voice and an important part of that hope and join in advocating.  Learn more about advocating or join us by reaching out to http://www.adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact  to join the advocacy team and help these wonderful children.


Backup Host Families are needed in cases where the Host Child can no longer stay with the Primary Host Family. Often, these circumstances are through no fault of the child and may simply be due to an unforeseen emergency within the Primary Host Family. During these rare occasions, the host child may need to be moved to another safe, encouraging environment during their visit.


Chaperons are required to travel along and stay in-country with the children participating in the host program.  Without chaperons, the children would not be able to participate in the program.

These chaperons willingly leave home to support the children on their hosting trip. They are social workers and orphanage caretakers who are excited for this opportunity for the children, motivated to be here, and love to share their culture with the host family and learn about ours in return.

Chaperon host families should have a spare bedroom and an open heart.  Most are visiting the United States for the very first time, and previous chaperons say that their host families provide lasting memories for them to take back to their own country!
Chaperon host families are needed to serve at least 2 weeks of the chaperons visit and are welcome to open their home to the chaperon for the duration of their visit, as well.

There are no fees to host a chaperon.


Volunteer Airport Coordinator(s) are needed to assist, at the airport, on the arrival and departure days for the children and their chaperones.   They meet the host families and connect the children with them, introduce chaperone hosts and their guests and ensure everyone get started off on the right foot for their hosting time together.  On departure, AC’s may need to assist with securing boarding passes, navigating the airport and security and ensure the host families wait until their host child has safely departed on their fight to ensure that no one gets lost alone in the airport.

While the time commitment is short, Volunteer Airport Coordinators play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the children who participate in the program.


Sponsorship of the children and donations are vital to support the program and the families who hope to open their hearts to these deserving children.  There is a donation required by families to host (the donation does not cover all the expenses associated with the travel costs, per child) and sponsorship and donations from generous people and groups is often what makes it possible for these dreams to become reality for these children.

Sponsorship and donations may be a wonderful way for you, your family, community, civic groups, place of business, place of worship, etc. to make a significant impact to those participating in the program.

ONE by ONE we do make a difference

ONE Family, ONE Child, ONE Chance

Be the ONE to change a life!

Questions about Hosting, Adoption and Advocacy, please reach out at: http://www.adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact


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Age 2, Female

Claire – FILE TRANSFERRED – Great Wall China Adoption transferred this file to facilitate Claire’s adoption!

FILE TRANSFERRED - Great Wall transferred this file to another agency so this child could come home!


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