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2019 US Consulate/Embassy Guangzhou Holiday Closures/Trade Fairs

The Consulate is scheduled to be closed on the following dates in observance of the 2019 official American and Chinese holidays:

 ***     January 1:  New Years Day
*          January 21:  MLK Jr.’s Birthday
**        February 15-20: Chinese (Lunar) New Year (Note:  Lunar New Year will be celebrated 10/4-10 by the general population)
*          February 18:  Presidents’ Day
**        April 5:  Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Jie)
             FYI:  April 15 – May 5:  Guangzhou Int’l Trade Fare (in-country accommodations are difficult to secure/have premium room rates)
**        May 1:  International Labor Day
*          May 27:  Memorial Day
**        June 7:  Dragon Boat Festival
*          July 4:  Independence Day
*          September 2:  Labor Day
**        September 13:  Mid-Autumn Festival
**        September 30-October 3:  Chinese National Day (Note:  National Holiday will be celebrated 9/30-10/7 by the general population)
*          October 14:  Columbus Day
            FYI:  Oct. 15 – Nov. 4:  Guangzhou Int’l Trade Fare (in-country accommodations are difficult to secure/have premium room rates)
*          November 11:  Veterans Day
*          November 28:  Thanksgiving Day
*          December 25:  Christmas Day     

*          American Holidays

**        Chinese Holidays

***      American and Chinese Holidays

NOTE:  Pertinent information about events in Guangzhou that could impact potential travel dates

(This listing is inclusive of the dates that the US Consulate will be closed in celebration of American and/or Chinese holidays.  The offices at the CCCWA, Provincial offices, etc. may have additional local holiday closures and observances, not included above, that may affect the processing of adoptions, but does not impact the operations of US Consulate Guangzhou)


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