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Student Exchange Program

Opening the world to a child is as easy as opening your door.

CHINA    ⊕    SPAIN    ⊕    VIETNAM    ⊕    THAILAND

 Join in building a child’s future, open your home to the Student Ambassador Exchange program (SAE)

The Students

  • High school age children, typically in the 10th and 11th grades
  • Brave, bright, and engaging students with a desire to further their knowledge of the world around them
  • Excited to participate in an enriching, rewarding and immersive educational and cultural experience
  • Have strong family support to travel abroad and participate in the program
  • Each has varied interests, hobbies and personalities
  • Participating students from China, Spain, Vietnam and Thailand
  • Travel on a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Visa

Student Selection and Preparation

  • Required to pass entrance examination for program consideration
  • Written application and interview process
  • Creation of introductory video presentation
  • Pre-departure preparation training for US culture, customs and traditions

Program Fees

  • There are NO application or program fees associated with the Student Ambassador Exchange program.
  • All applications, background checks and home safety visits are free to SAE host families

Host Family Requirements

  • Completion of the free SAE Host Family Application, Federal and State background checks and Home Safety Visit
  • Interview with a Program Coordinator
  • Obtain two letters of reference
  • Provide transportation for your student  to school, activities, etc. (students are not permitted to drive while in program, but can take school district provided busing or carpool)
  • Provide a separate bed and dresser/closet and space for studies for your student (room can be shared with host sibling of similar age and gender)
  • Sharing of three daily meals with your student
  • Use of full bathroom and laundry facilities
  • Phone and internet access
  • Willing to share your knowledge and experiences of life in the US and to learn about the customs and culture of your student’s country
  • Provide the basic comforts of home, family and support for this young student during their visit with you
  • Are ready to open your home, help shape a young minds, build a future, view the world from a difference perspective and make life-long friendships

What Makes a Good SAE Host Family:

  • Willingness to step out to the support and benefit of others
  • A welcoming and safe environment for a child to learn
  • Recognizes the benefit of education and a little adventure, too
  • Interest in learning about a new culture
  • Pride for their town/state/region and interest in sharing about and showing it to others
  • Desire to introduce a student to new customs and traditions
  • Ready to step into a parenting/supporting role for your student
  • Comfortable space to host a student

The Visit

  • Your student arrive approximately one week prior to the start of the semester
  • Your tudent will visit with you for the full term of the 2017-2018 school year

Interested in Learning More

  • Please reach out to us at www.adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/


Student Ambassador Exchange

connecting lives  •  sharing experiences  •  forging life-long friendships

***The participants in the Student Ambassador Exchange program are not adoption eligible.***






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