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Rosalie is a cute, little 6 year old girl who was born with a congenital heart defect, esotropia of both eyes and dysplasia of the left lung. She received surgery shortly after she got to the orphanage for her diagnosis and recovered well. Rosalie has developed on track. She can walk, run, and jump in place. She loves to play outside and play kickball! It’s been noted that she has good balance and likes to play on the seesaw a lot. She has good fine motor skills. She can pick up beans, screw nuts, and thread beads. She has good self-care ability and knows simple life skills. She uses the restroom and washes her hands by herself, dresses herself, and helps the teacher cleanup. Rosalie takes initiative and says hello first to people she is familiar with. She will run up to them and give them a great big hug. Rosalie can express her needs and have simple conversations with others. She imitates adults actions, language, and behaviors. She is not afraid to speak up. Sometimes she’ll say, you cannot do this or this is wrong to other kids in the tone of an adult. Rosalie has been described as an active and friendly little girl who gets along well with others.

FAMILY ELIGIBILITY – Considering adoption for your family?  Take that first step, visit http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/eligibility-requirements/  and review the eligibility requirements for the China adoption program.

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