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Found abandoned at five years old, and now just six, Nolan has only been in the care of his orphanage for a years time.  This boy needs his family to see him now and keep his time spent without a family to the best possible minimum.

Nolan is described by his caregivers as being active, energetic, talkative, and happy, which is easy to see in his video! He loves to listen to music, sing, play games, and read picture books. His language development is excellent and he loves to ask questions and speak in full sentences. He can go up and down the stairs without assistance, jump with both feet, and play catch. Nolan is a sweet, affectionate kiddo in need of a family to call his own.


VOLUNTEER INFORMATION:  There are a couple of folks who volunteer at Nolan’s orphanage and are thrilled to share about their experiences and time spent with him to help him find his forever family.

He leaves an impression

He knows how to play (and that is huge as so many have never been able to learn this basic childhood skill)

 So very observant of the world around him, and the on-goings of the other children.

He is a riot  *  We often leave talking about him  *  He seems to have a good sense of humor

1st to run up and hug us, grab our hand and ‘claim’ us as his for the day

 Some kids would be curious about foreigners, but he did really like to be with me.

With me, he liked to be a boys-boy. He was fun, and energetic, he always tried to punch me (playfully) and would try to jump on my back if I was ever at ground level (male volunteer)

If I was trying to feed the wrong child the wrong food or sat a child in the wrong seat he would correct me

He also knew other orphanage volunteers and engaged with them often. So he really was quite social, it seemed

He is so capable, I thought he was much older. He really seemed to take care of other kids.

When Nolan arrived at the orphanage it was evident that he had burn scars on his neck and was determined to also have have a urogenital need.

VIDEO AVAILABLE:  Nolan has video available with his agency for families who would like to learn more about him.

For more information about adoption from China or to learn more about this child please contact me via http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/

**While we all may not be able to adopt, we are all able to help a child in many other ways. Sharing these children with your friends, family, civic/church groups and your social media circles is the best chance for these children’s voices to be heard and for their forever family to see them. We welcome and encourage the sharing of the Adopt(able) Waiting Child blog and Facebook page to help these wonderfully deserving children find a forever family of their own. Please share!**

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