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Leo is a sweet 8 year old boy in need of a family to call his own! Leo was hosted in the United States during the summer of 2016 for a month and has made leaps and bounds since arriving! He has made incredible progress with his muscle strength, learning capacity, and English vocabulary. He giggles often and has a big belly laugh that has brought a lot of joy to his host family. His host family describes him as incredibly adaptable and resilient. He has been able to adjust to any situation that he is given, and has an incredible ability to develop trusting relationships with both adults and children. He loves his host brother and would has made great connections with both parents, grandparents, and neighbors. He is a loving boy who has made a lasting impact on everyone he has met!

Leo recently had a CT scan in China.  However, the scan did not provide much information. He is reportedly slightly developmentally delayed, and after reviewing his file, the partner agency doctor determined that the scan was not definitive enough to come upon a diagnosis without further detailed testing once he is home.  We all have a little bit of mystery about us, and Leo’s is wrapped in an adorable little boy with an infectious smile who is ready and waiting for his family to say yes.

Leo’s host family adores this boy and would be happy to speak with families who would like to know more about him, from personal experience.  His host mom shares these experiences:

“Meeting Leo has been a highlight in my life and as we approach the weekend, I am feeling a very heavy heart. I will truly miss him — especially his smile, his giggles and at times his big belly laugh. And of course, I am going to miss the hugs and kisses he gives so frequently.

Throughout our four weeks together, Leo has continued to progress in so many ways from his physical development — muscle strength especially, to his capacity to learn new things. He has increased his English vocabulary and has picked up on so many nuances of living with an American family.

We just returned home from a long 4th of July weekend at the beach. There, he played in the sand for hours, shoveling holes and burying anything he could find. He quickly made friends with a group of women and enjoyed burying their feet over and over again. He thought it was a hilarious activity. He wasn’t afraid of the ocean — but he did run from the waves as they crashed ashore.

Sitting poolside, Leo enjoyed the 4th of July clam bake — he ate everything from lobster and steak to a few ears of corn, carrots and celery with hummus. While he does enjoy eating, he took a few breaks to splash in the pool and throw the balls in the yard with other kids. One of the only times I’ve seen him truly upset during our month together was when he needed to leave the pool party to run an errand with me. Despite our language differences, he had no problem expressing his dissent!

My husband and I have been surprised by so many wonderful things about Leo. Besides those we’ve mentioned in previous posts, his adaptability and trust of everyone he’s met has been incredible. He has been able to adjust to every situation he’s been in (doctor’s appointment’s, family reunions, long car drives, sleep times and parties) and has easily developed trusting relationships with adults and children alike. I am so impressed by how brave this boy is.

There are many memorable moments that only I’ve experienced with Leo and many I’ve shared with others. One great memory for Mike and me will be a late night drive home from a family gathering, he sang (or rather hummed) Jingle Bells for 45 minutes. We turned the radio off and just listened as he enjoyed Christmas in July. And so did we.

VIDEO AVAILABLE:  Little Leo has multiple videos available to learn more about this fun, adaptable, trusting, brave, open, affectionate and energetic little boy.

FAMILY ELIGIBILITY – Considering adoption for your family?  Take that first step, visit http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/eligibility-requirements/  and review the eligibility requirements for the China adoption program.

For more information about adoption from China or to learn more about this child please contact me via http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/

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