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JOY Advocacy Mission – Journey to Orphaned Youth


When:  October 30 – November 5, 2016

Where: Two orphanages in Guangdong, China


The purpose of the JOY Advocacy Mission:

The JOY Advocacy Mission  is a boots-on-the-ground trip to visit with the children, who can’t participate in a traditional travel hosting program, but are just as worthy of the experience.

This one-week, small group program allows folks/families to travel to China to meet the children within their orphanage.  It allows for for the chance to connect with a child, see the world the children live in, and create an amazing opportunity for a forever family.

Like most of the children who participate in the traditional Orphan Hosting China Program, the children in the JOY Advocacy Mission have often lived in orphanages most of their lives and never experienced the one-on-one attention and sense of family these opportunities offer.

The children in the JOY Advocacy Mission are extra-special! These are children who may not be eligible for traditional hosting either due to age or need, and through this experience you are able to offer another chance for them to find the love, comfort, and permanency a family can provide.

Participation Requirements:

  • Citizenship: One parent must be a U.S. citizen
  • Age: Generally between 30-60 years old
  • Marriage Status: Single women and married couples are generally eligible to particiapte in JOY
  • Criminal History: Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence, or domestic violence are not eligible to host
  • Health: Host parents must be in good health with no major medical or psychological concerns
  • Have a strong intention of adoption or established interest in advocating for your JOY child/ren

JOY Initiative Hosting Donation:

The hosting donation includes:

  • One Round trip international ticket from US hub city to China
  • Five nights in a Hotel
  • Airport transfer inside China
  • GWCA guide and translator service
  • Sightseeing
  • Ground transportation in China
  • Some meals at the orphanage with your JOY child

$250 application fee

Program Donation:  $3000.00

(each family is limited to two persons/shared hotel room)

TAX REBATE:  Looking for something meaningful and fulfilling to do with your tax rebate?  What better way to put this gift of funds to good use.  Consider using it to participate in hosting or to donate to/sponsor a child so they can have this life-changing experience.

DUE DATES:  Agency application, VISA application/passport to Consulate and donation due – ASAP

Ready to Pack Those Bags:

If you’re ready to start, completion of the following materials for the program will lead you there:

  • GWCA/CAN Application
  • JOY Initiative Donation
  • Background Check
  • Visa Application (if you do not already have a valid visa for China)

Your hosting donation is tax-deductible and considered a donation to a child in need in China. Please note that hosting donation are considered non-refundable per IRS code. Your family will receive a tax-deductible donation letter from our office for donations made toward the hosting program.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For the children who participate in hosting through the Orphan Hosting China Program and the JOY Advocacy Mission; it can truly make all the difference in the world for that ONE child to have a voice and open doors for the opportunity to be seen by their forever family.

For more information about adoption and hosting from China, please contact me via http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/


ONE by ONE we can make a difference

ONE family, ONE child, ONE chance

Be the ONE – Consider Hosting!

Want to learn more about the other opportunities available to support hosting?  Visit: http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/portfolio/us-hosting-program-information/

Note:  Photo collage depicts past child participants of the JOY Advocacy Mission and not necessarily children currently available as part of the current program.


Age 2, Male


Age 5, Female


Age 2, Female

Claire – FILE TRANSFERRED – Great Wall China Adoption transferred this file to facilitate Claire’s adoption!

FILE TRANSFERRED - Great Wall transferred this file to another agency so this child could come home!


Age 2, Female


Age 6, Female

Adoptee Cultural Exchange – A Global Experience

Kid of the Week


Age 4, Female


Age 5, Male, Video Available


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