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Heartbreak.  Loss.  Twice Abandoned.

Twice Jonathan has found himself without family and living in an orphanage.

Jonathan was first found and taken to the orphanage when he was one month old.

At three he was adopted domestically and lived with a family for six years.

At nine his adoptive family brought him back to the orphanage.

Tradition.  Sibling Rivalry.  Rejection

How did Jonathan come to be with his adoptive family and why did the relationship end?

Tradition and the one-child policy are what led Jonathan to his adoptive family.  Sibling rivalry and a broken relationship are what ended it.

Jonathan was adopted by a family that held strong traditional preference for boys.  The family had a biological daughter and per the one-child policy were not allowed to have another birth child.  For this reason, they chose to adopt a boy and made Jonathan their son.  However, his sister was very negative toward the adoption, felt her parents would not love her anymore and hated their preference for male children. As years went on, his sister continued to reject her adopted brother and developed an emotional distance with her parents.  They felt, in order to repair their relationship with their daughter, it was necessary to go back to how their family was prior to Jonathan’s adoption, and they decided they would have to give him up.

Fear.  Hope. Acceptance.

Jonathan fears he will not be good enough for another family.

He hopes his future adoptive family will understand his past experience.

He wants for his family to accept him, love and protect him with all their hearts.

Independent.  Honest.  Helpful.

Jonathan has been through so much as a young child but is thriving. He has fears and uncertainties, but more importantly he is happy and optimistic.   He is simply an energetic and adorable 9 year old boy.  He attends a school in his local community and he is in the 4th grade. He is involved in sports, art, and reading activities through his school.  He has good study habits and does well in school! He is very social, has great communication skills and often expresses his ideas. Jonathan is self-independent and is very helpful when it comes to caring for the younger children and completing household tasks around the orphanage. Jonathan has been described as an obedient, honest and kind boy who is willing to help others and gets along well with his classmates. He loves reading, drawing, singing, skating, and he likes playing games on the computer.  He has a strong English foundation and has taken English class since starting Kindergarten.

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