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Jax is a precious little boy from China that is just 3 years old.  Jax is described as a gentle and introverted child who is generally happy.  Jax likes to play with other children and enjoys spending time with his caregivers.  His favorite activities are playing with building blocks and playing outside on the playground.

Jax has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has received rehabilitation training that has helped him tremendously.  He can hold a pen by himself and can scribble on a paper, but the macular tension in his hands does not yet allow him to write clearly.  Jax is mobile and can walk, trot, go up and down stairs all by himself.  He has a language delay but has a small vocabulary of words and small phrases and calls his orphanage mates by name.

With the proper therapies and medical treatments, the sky is the limit for Jax.   Are you his family?

**Cerebral Palsy is not progressive and there are many therapies and medical options available that can benefit the child as they grow and thrive in a family**

FAMILY ELIGIBILITY – Considering adoption for your family?  Take that first step, visit http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/eligibility-requirements/ and review the eligibility requirements for the China adoption program.

For more information about adoption from China or to learn more about this child please contact me via http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/

**While we all may not be able to adopt, we are all able to help a child in many other ways. Sharing these children with your friends, family, civic/church groups and your social media circles is the best chance for these children’s voices to be heard and for their forever family to see them. We welcome and encourage the sharing of the Adopt(able) Waiting Child blog and Facebook page to help these wonderfully deserving children find a forever family of their own. Please share!**


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Rory – ***AGES OUT May 2018***

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