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Meet Evan! Evan is an adorable little guy who is 5 years old. He was born with Microcephaly. He has average gross motor skills but has some difficulty running. He has great understanding ability and can follow adult’s instructions. Evan can imitate adult’s actions and behaviors and his caretakers note that he has great observation skills. He has good memory and judgment and generally enjoys learning! He attends school in the orphanage. Evan is warm and outgoing and his file states that all the nannies and kiddos in the institute enjoy him very much. He gets along very well with other children and is fond of playing games with them!

VOLUNTEER INFORMATION:  Shared by a volunteer from his CWI – “This child really is a sweetheart and such a joy to be around. His file is brand new (late 2016)! I made his file video, and in his video the toys that he plays with are toys he has never played with before. It’s sometimes overlooked that some of these.”

For more information about adoption from China or to learn more about this child please contact me via http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/

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