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Claire – FILE TRANSFERRED – Great Wall China Adoption transferred this file to facilitate Claire’s adoption!

Claire found her family with the help of

Great Wall China Adoption and their willingness to transfer her file to her waiting family’s agency.

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Claire is a beautiful 9 year old girl who was born with a congenital heart defect. She was also found to have a lump on her chest which was surgically removed when she was 5 years old. Claire is a very independent little girl who has lived in the same foster family since 2011. She loves to draw and gets along very well with her foster grandparents. Claire does not have any physical or cognitive delays indicated in her file. Her caretakers note that she does exceptionally well in school and is very proactive in studying and finishing her homework! She is even learning a little bit of English. Her caretakers note that she is very introverted and is talkative only in familiar environments.

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For more information about adoption from China or to learn more about this child please contact me via http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/

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