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What do you say when a child has had not one but two families begin the process to bring him and not be able to continue, by no fault of his own?  

BEN WAITS AGAIN:  Ben waits for a family to see the process to the end.   To complete his adoption.  To bring him home.

Ben had waited for a long time for the chance to have a family.  He had the chance during the summer 2016 host program toward that end.  His host opportunity offered Ben the voice and visibility needed to be seen, especially as an older child and boy. And it worked!  Many families inquired about Ben.  One moved forward to bring him home and then couldn’t.  Another said yes, but they too, while months in process, could not continue. 

Ben is very active and outgoing and loves playing with other children! He loved playing with his host siblings and would make a fantastic brother.  He is very sociable and loves to say hello and thank you in English.  He bonded extremely well with his host family. He was a sweet, fun-loving boy who would thrive with the love of a forever family!

He is on target developmentally and is a bright, intelligent child.   Ben is in regular school and is doing well.  He enjoys drawing and does so with great attention to detail.  Ben was born with very mild clubbed feet, but he has not needed any physical therapy or surgery.  He is able to walk, run, bike and ride a scooter without assistance.

FAMILY ELIGIBILITY – Considering adoption for your family?  Take that first step, visit http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/eligibility-requirements/ and review the eligibility requirements for the China adoption program.

VIDEO AVAILABLE:  Ben has a new video available, with his partner agency, for families who would like to learn more about this wonderful boy.

For more information about adoption from China or to learn more about this child please contact me via http://adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/

**While we all may not be able to adopt, we are all able to help a child in many other ways. Sharing these children with your friends, family, civic/church groups and your social media circles is the best chance for these children’s voices to be heard and for their forever family to see them. We welcome and encourage the sharing of the Adopt(able) Waiting Child blog and Facebook page to help these wonderfully deserving children find a forever family of their own. Please share!**



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