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Family photo Sept 2012

Louise is a wife to Len and mom to 6 kids: 3 biological and 3 adopted from China. She also claims planning manager, chauffeur, chef, homework helper, and volunteer firefighter as a few of her day-to-day jobs. Her big, happy family resides on the East Coast where she describes the home as full of love, laundry and cookie crumbs. When she’s not cutting the crust off of PB&J’s, she can be found gardening, reading and spending time outside with her kiddos.

Louise’s passion for orphan advocacy was born when she saw the many faces of children left behind at the Chinese orphanage where three of her children were adopted. She could not forget their faces upon arriving back home, and frankly she didn’t want to. She believes that for every orphaned child there is an unfound family, and is passionately bridging that gap through advocacy.

This is where the idea of Adopt(able) was formed. They are waiting…and YOU are able. It’s a two part belief that every child deserves a forever family, and families with love to give are qualified to adopt. All children are created with a deep need for love and acceptance- a family gives them a place to belong.

This site serves as an advocacy platform for waiting children whom are in need of homes. Each individual child deserves the chance at a family, and Adopt(able) seeks to give them the opportunity to find one.  The hope is that these children will be matched with a family who is ready to love them as their own!

(Adopt(able) Waiting Child is not an adoption agency and serves to bring awareness about the need for families willing/able to open their homes and heart to the waiting orphans in China, Europe, Africa and Latin America through hosting and adoption)

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