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One adoptive parent must be a US citizen.
Married couples 30-55+ years old or less (at time of dossier registration) are eligible to adopt from China.

Married couples/singles must be at least 30 years old to be eligible to adopt a Waiting Child from China.  There must be no more than a 45 year age difference between child and single adoptive parent and no more than 50 years difference between the youngest married parent and child.

Families must not have more than five (5) children living in the home, for a married couple and not more than two (2) for a single female PAP.

The youngest child currently in the home must be three (3) years or older.

Qualified families are permitted to adopt one (1) child with submission of each dossier, with the exception of twins and biologically related children.

There should be a one (1) year interval between each adoption.

Each potential adoptive parent must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent.
Couples must show a positive net worth (assets vs. liabilities) of at least $80,000; Singles should have a net worth of $100,000.

Must have an annual income of at least $10,000/person in the household, including the adopted child. For example, a married couple with two children living in the home must earn at least $50,000.

Families are not eligible to adopt if any of the following apply:

The PAPs should be physically and mentally fit, with the ability to raise and educate the adoptee, but without any of the following conditions:

(1) Intellectual disability;

(2) HIV positive, or infectious disease that is actively contagious;

(3) Schizophrenia;

(4) Mental disorder including mania, depression, bipolar affective disorder, anxiety and phobia, etc. PAP(s) with minor symptoms and are under good control by taking medicine, assessed by a psychological professional as having no effects on their normal work and life and fit to care and educate the adoptee, will be exempt from this limitation;

(5) Binocular blindness, binocular low vision or monocular blindness with no ocular prosthesis;

(6) Severe facial deformation;

(7) Bilateral hearing loss or language function loss; PAPs who adopt children with identical conditions, or with one party of a couple healthy will be exempt from this limitation;

(8) Non-function or dysfunction of limbs or trunk caused by impairment, incomplete limb, paralysis or deformation;

(9) Diseases that require long-term treatment, and have poor prognosis impacting the PAPs’ child care ability such as lupus, nephrosis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc.; In a couple adoption, if one party is completely healthy and the other suffers any of such diseases but is under good control after treatment, they will be exempt from this limitation if they can provide a doctor’s note to attest that the illness has no effects on their normal work and life and fit for caring the adoptee;

(10) Skin cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and testicular cancer that has been cured for less than 3 years; other kinds of cancer or malignant tumor that has been cured less than 5 years;

(11) Vital organ transplant within 10 years; In a couple adoption, if one party is healthy and the other party had organ transplant within 10 years but has recovered to live a normal life, they will be exempt from this limitation;

(12) BMI more than 40;

(13) Short stature or dwarfism; PAPs who adopt children with identical conditions will be exempt from this limitation.

If one spouse is completely healthy and the other’s medical condition does not inhibit their ability to parent their family may be eligible to adopt a Waiting Child from China

Families are not eligible to adopt if any of the following apply:

Current warrants or currently on probation

Any use of/arrests for illegal drugs; any felony arrests

DUI or DWI charges within the last 5 years, regardless of outcome

Any arrest for a violent crime (examples: assault, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect)

Couples must be married at least two years at the time their dossier is submitted to China (first marriage).

If either spouse has one or two divorces, the current marriage needs to be a minimum of five years; couples with three or more divorces are not eligible.

Single females are eligible to adopt from the China program.

Families with religious beliefs prohibiting any kind of medical treatment will not be eligible to adopt.

**NOTE:  At this time waivers are not being considered/granted by the China adoption authority.  Prospective adoptive families must meet all eligibility requirements to pursue adoption through the China adoption program.**  A request for waiver of the above eligibility requirements can be possible under certain circumstances.  Please email to louise@adoptablewaitingchild.com for assistance to determine waiver eligibility.

There are many different adoption programs in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States to consider. If you do not meet China’s Eligibility Requirements, please know that you still have options to grow your family through adoption. Learn more:  www.adoptablewaitingchild.com/contact/


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